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Dubai recent comments:

  • Kings College Hospital and Clinic (Dubai Hills), Lex (guest) wrote 1 month ago:
    Iman The Grove
  • Dubai Waterfront Canal, Roma (guest) wrote 3 months ago:
    The name is Palm Cove Canal
  • Royal Residence 1, ahmed (guest) wrote 6 months ago:
    where P lives
  • Santeville, Miraziz (guest) wrote 7 months ago:
    Also known as 15 Northside
  • The palace of Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ces (guest) wrote 9 months ago:
    Which son inherited this palace?
  • Digital Triumphs, abijith98 wrote 10 months ago:
  • Hai Innovations, premjith4u wrote 10 months ago:
    Best Digital marketing Agency in Dubai
  • Hai Innovations, premjith4u wrote 10 months ago:
    Digital Marketing Agency
  • Al Habtoor Business Tower, atti wrote 12 months ago:
    there's a recreation area on the 3rd floor.
  • Burma Islamic Centre, Mohammed (guest) wrote 1 year ago:
    Islamic Teachings, Quran Memorizing Centre
  • The Westminster School, jeff (guest) wrote 1 year ago:
    bad school ngl
  • Afghanistan Pavilion, buxschumacher wrote 1 year ago:
    Presentation of the newest head chop techniques...
  • SAMANA PARK VIEWS, ilcaposix wrote 2 years ago:
  • Cherwell Interiors, John Smith (guest) wrote 2 years ago:
  • Cherwell Interiors, John Smith (guest) wrote 2 years ago:
    Best Interior Design company in Dubai
  • British Consulate Dubai , sidor mansi (guest) wrote 2 years ago:
    yes, in Wikipedia it's called embassy, not consulate.
  • Burj View Tower, toysuae wrote 2 years ago:
    This is gigantic tower, and amazing location
  • Ahmed Abdul Rahim Al Attar Tower, Николай (guest) wrote 2 years ago:
    Gevora Hotel (арабский : فندق جيفورا) - это отель высотой 1168 футов (356 м) вдоль Sheikh Zayed Road в городе Дубай , ОАЭ. Эта высота дала небоскребу титул самого высокого здания отеля по версии Книги рекордов Гиннеса . Четырехзвездочный отель открылся в феврале 2018 года после двенадцатилетнего строительства. Он имеет 528 номеров, расположенных на 75 этажах, и ряд удобств, включая рестораны и бассейн на крыше здания с гаражом. Отель Gevora находится недалеко от Дубайского международного финансового центра и его одноименной станции метро , Rose Rayhaan by Rotana и Башни Эмирейтс . Отель находится примерно в 1,6 км от Бурдж-Халифа и торгового центра Dubai Mall по прямой.Википедия
  • Ahmed Abdul Rahim Al Attar Tower, Валерий (guest) wrote 2 years ago:
    Gevora Hotel (Arabic: فندق جيفورا) is a 1,168 ft (356 m) tall hotel along Sheikh Zayed Road in the city Dubai, UAE. That height has given the skyscraper the title of tallest hotel building according to Guinness World Records.[7] The four-star hotel opened in February 2018 after a construction period of twelve years. It has 528 rooms spread over 75 floors and a number of facilities including restaurants and a pool on top of its parking garage building.
  • Gold Crest Executive, Gareth Davies (guest) wrote 2 years ago:
    This is a mixed residential and offices building. Generally well maintained public areas. Close to Metro Station and Tram Station. The apartments lack balconies. Most apartments have a view of lakes. There is a very good selection of shops, restaurants, coffee shops and commercial facilities nearby, including NBD and Emirates Islamic Banks.