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  • KS Kromberg & Schubert GmbH (KSME), Unni Cephas wrote 3 days ago:
    Hi it's me unni am from India(Tamil Nadu) looking for job in your company I have completed my +2 from nios so if your company has any vacancy kindly contact with me my email address is contact:9653451858
  • Immo Prestige Residential Tower u/c, Yo (guest) wrote 5 days ago:
    This is sad news for those living in Cayan Tower :(
  • Imam Bargah Hussainia Zahra Bur Dubai, Fatema (guest) wrote 6 days ago:
    Salamun alaikum....can anuone plzz let me noe shab e qadar aamaal timings at Hussainiya Zehra today...plzzz
  • ME-Gate FZCO, vaishnavi S. (guest) wrote 11 days ago:
    Greeting !!!!!!!!!! from Cerecmetalform Pvt. Ltd. (India) We take this liberty to contact you to explore possibility to work together in your county. Cerecmetalform is the biggest head manufacture in India. We are producing heads of European quality at lowest price. Our company Our Company profile is enclosed for your reference. We request you to suggest how we can work together to sell our product in your country. We look forward to your views and interests by return mail.
  • Insight Care Limousine L.L.C, Christopher (guest) wrote 12 days ago:
    On the 19/06/2016 @ 07:26am whilst driving down D63 I was in the turning lane to turn into D92 one of your drivers in a Lexus Plate No: L 26769 DXB White was beside me on the right lane (dual lane which you can either continue straight or turn left) however this ignorant driver had turned left with me and drove in the middle of both my lane and his lane almost causing me to drive into a road sign pole, I blew the horn to alert him that there is somebody else in the road which he continued to ignore, once he realized and proceeded back into his lane he looked at me with a dirty grin on his face and winded down his window talking to me with a very disrespectful attitude when I told him that he should take care hes not the only road-user he literally made a mumping sound (bla bla bla, that all you do) and put his thumb on his front teeth and showed it to me which in Britain means "vendetta" and the f cursing word. this can all be proven by the road cameras and I am so disrespected by this incident and lack of respect. I late called the company to raise the same complaint to the operations Manager (or so he claimed) and said he will get back to me with feedback and an official apology letter from both the company and the drivers side which till today didn't happen and the most ridiculous explanation from the "manager" was the driver refuses to wright an apology letter and If I want I can go and open a case with the police. now tell me is this how an establishment works these days ???? therefore if there is a manager out there who can make a decision please call me as this complaint will go on all the websites your company is listed in as this is what your lack of customers service and management will get you.
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