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  • IMG Worlds of Adventure, RamiFAM wrote 2 days ago:
    IMG Worlds of Adventure City of Arabia 04 403 8888
  • Damascus Road, 26, Gerald George (guest) wrote 2 days ago:
    Apt 303 Gerald George
  • Saratoga residence apartments, JL (guest) wrote 12 days ago:
    Does anyone know who manages the rental of these properties? Thanks
  • Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), waheed khan (guest) wrote 14 days ago:
    Thanks a lot sir I was in big tension bundle of thanks
  • Marrybrown restaurant, Sandy (guest) wrote 17 days ago:
    Hi, Well we just like to inform you that your call center says that he cannot take the order for delivery after 11AM. Why would he answers the phone at 10 28AM? I asked him if thats your rules? Cause actually he can take the order and place it at 11am to the store which is near to al quoz and deliver at 12noon in our office. If you have rules like your call center that call back after 11am then dont answer the phone. Lucky I didn't get his name. Hope you had a recorded conversations and play back how your people explain.
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Dubai on the map.

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