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  • Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Ziad (guest) wrote 3 hours ago:
    if luggage weight is size so we cant make it two pieces because the things is light and wide is more and can we rep two beg with plastic to make it one...? well there size problem?
  • Dubai Central Post Office, Karama & Emirates Identy Authority Dubai Centre, hanan (guest) wrote 16 hours ago:
    i have order number 1462978787 from China air line but i did not receive any thing
  • Latifa Hospital, Anoosh Morad wrote 2 days ago:
  • Al Gurg Unilever, Jeux (guest) wrote 3 days ago:
    hello, im applying for the position of FMCG merchandiser, currently working here in Abu Dhabi and i have 6+ yrs of experience in merchandising pls. contact if your office is in # 0563387585
  • Dubai International Airport (DXB/OMDB), meklit getachew (guest) wrote 4 days ago:
    meklit in dubai air port coming soon
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