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  • Al Zarooni Building,, Alberto (guest) wrote 8 hours ago:
    Our office is located on this building Texture Properties 5th floor,505 Holding Property of Al Khail Heights behind Oasis Mall near Al Khail road
  • The Beach at JBR, OnTheMap wrote 8 days ago:
    Wrong... this is perhaps one of the most enjoyable and unique mall experiences you will find anywhere in Dubai. I believe the concept is based on Westfield Century City in Los Angeles.
  • Bangkok Massage parlour, Mystery man (guest) wrote 9 days ago:
    Really nice place. the girls are really friendly and give great service. :-)
  • Happy Valley Thai Massage, Mystery man (guest) wrote 9 days ago:
    Love this place. always have great service there.
  • Sheikh Al Murr Mosque, arhama76 wrote 11 days ago:
    افضل خطيب جمعه
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