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  • Fruit and Vegetables Market, Kumar (guest) wrote 2 days ago:
    zahid pasha your company is fake namely Ameeratul Ezdhar and Wonderfoods. you just use people who are needy you Loot people's dreams and hopes wast people 's time and money. you are just a passport grabber you hold passport to blackmail people who do job in your company
  • Fruit and Vegetables Market, Kumar (guest) wrote 2 days ago:
    Zahid pasha you are yourself a fake person you take people's passports who come from different companies fo job . you dont give them job you insult candidates put pressure nor you give visa and nor you give any benefit. you shall answerable on the day of judgement to the Lord. you are a big fake person and so is your business partner. you are ugly just like your internal self. you just give fake hopes to candidates who come for job in your company waste their money and time.
  • منزل هشام بن سويف , A (guest) wrote 15 days ago:
  • DMCC Burj 2020 District/Business Park (Under Construction), Martin (guest) wrote 16 days ago:
    Any updates on this?
  • Dubai Healthcare City Ph II, Vaneesh (guest) wrote 22 days ago:
    New Investment project call +971569347420 for enquiries.
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